Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lingerie shop

Swedish women are known for their beauty. We have the best blondes in the world. Blondes that know how do dress inside and outside. They shop their underwear in fashionable places like the one below. I would like to point out a few details below each photo
Here you see a delicate pair of underwear, for women with taste. They are displayed next to a fake rose probably picked up from a funeral shop decoration. Do not judge the size of Swedish buttocks by this display.
Same shop, different style, for slightly more delicate body types.

And here is the whole window. Notice, in particular, the red cloth. It's an old faded curtain which found a use in this window display. We surely like to reuse and recycle.

Do you think there is a resemblance to the grandmother's knickers below?

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