Friday, May 31, 2013


A slight deviation from windows shopping, or, rather, an alert that "windows" will often be interpreted metaphorically, is what this posting offers: a tiny glimpse at our toilets. I will spare you and not show you many images (at least for the time being). Here is a first, not uncommon, example:

The photo is from an article from a newspaper (UNT), reporting that
Dirty toilets and sinks. Floors flooded with water. There is no toilet paper. No soap either. It is perhaps not surprising that more than 70% of Uppsala middle school students avoid going to the bathroom. It smells like urine in Old Uppsala School's girls' toilet this Thursday afternoon. Student OF and her friends pull up the toilet lids covered with traces of feces. 
We think that countries somewhere south have dirty toilets but we, up in the civilized north, have fixed the cleanliness problems. Wrong. We have not.

If you think that dirty toilets exist only in public places, then you are wrong. Even in cafes and, sometimes, in restaurants, you will find dirty toilets, where bins are overflown with (used, of course) paper and maybe some feminine products. We don't like to admit it, but, sometimes, our newspapers look at the situation and report on it.

When we go to some southern country for vacation, however, and find a dirty toilet then we triumphantly announce: This doesn't exist in Sweden!

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