Thursday, May 30, 2013


There is a famous cafe in Uppsala, called "Ofvandahl". According to the Lonely Planet review,
 it’s endorsed by no less a personage than the king [of Sweden]
But let's see what this famous place looks like. Here are some window views. Take a look at the curtains, the latest of Swedish design:
 Next look at the delicious pastries on display. If they look dirty and full of dust, then this is because they are precisely so. In fact, it is not uncommon to see various species of insects lying on the windows and on the actual pastries themselves. Why, protein is included for free.
Now take a look at the design of the lamp shades. All bought at the second-hand store next door, and never cleaned. They remain in the pristine condition of the day they were bought.
But what is best of all, is the cleanliness of the shop. Take a look at the spoon I was given alongside with the coffee I ordered. They didn't even bother to clean it.
Ofvandahl's is a famous place endorsed by no less a personage than the king [of Sweden].

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